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Harris Tweed Socks

Harris Tweed Socks
For the man in your life…
More Harris Tweed Socks
…or for the lady.

The stitch was taken from The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches—Volume 2, and adapted for knitting circularly.
The sock has a French heel and wedge toe*.


Yarn: Regia 4-Ply or any 4-Ply fingering/sockweight
Needles: 2.5mm DPNs or circulars
Tension: I got 8 stitches per inch in stocking stitch, but it’s not critical as there is quite a bit of stretch to these.
Size: 7.75″ (relaxed) around leg


K2tog: Knit 2 sts together
PM: Place marker (if you like)
PUK: Insert left needle (front to back) picking up the yarn between each garter ridge on the side of heel flap, and knit into it. (I usually knit into the back as it produces a neater and more decorative effect, but for some reason I didn’t do that this time.)
Sl1P: Slip stitch purlwise with yarn in back
SSK: Slip the next stitch knitwise, slip the second stitch knitwise, insert left needle into the fronts of these 2 stitches, and knit together.


CO 60 sts, and join in the round.
Work K2, P2 ribbing for 13 rounds, or as many as you like.


Rounds 1 & 2: *K2, P2; repeat from *.
Rounds 3 & 4: K all sts.

Repeat rounds 1-4 until desired length is reached, ending after round 3 has been worked. (I worked 71.)

Heel Flap

Heel is worked back and forth over 30 stitches, so turn after each row. Place the remaining 30 instep sts on spare yarn or DPNs, if you like.

K14, turn work leaving the rest of the round unworked.
Row 1 (WS): K3, P24, K3.
Row 2: K3, *Sl1P, K1; repeat from * to last 4 stitches, K3.
Row 3: K3, P24, K3.
Row 4: K3, *K1, Sl1P; repeat from * to last 3 stitches, K3.

Repeat rows 1-4 for 30 rows, ending with row 2.

Turn Heel

Turn at the end of each row, leaving remaining stitches unworked.

Row 1 (WS): Sl1P, P16, P2tog, P1.
Row 2: Sl1P, K5, SSK, K1.
Row 3: Sl1P, P to stitch before gap (6 sts), P2tog, P1.
Row 4: Sl1P, K to stitch before gap (7 sts), SSK, K1.

Continue, knitting/purling one extra stitch each row until all the heel stitches have been worked. (18 sts remain)

Gusset Shaping

PUK 15 stitches from between the garter ridges on the side of heel flap. PUK 2 extra sts where the heel flap meets the instep to close any gap that might appear, PM.

Starting with round 4, continue instep in pattern PM.

PUK 2 sts between instep and heel flap, and another 15 along the second side of heel flap, (Total sts = 82)

Round 1: K to 3 sts before marker, K2tog, K1, work even in pattern across instep to next marker, K1, SSK, K to end of round. (2 sts decreased for a total of 80 sts)
Round 2: K to marker, work even in pattern across instep to next marker, K to end of round. (80 sts)

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 60 sts remain. (30 each on the instep and sole.)
Knit the remaining sole sts.

Rounds will now begin at the start of instep, and finish at the end of the sole.

Continue working in pattern on the instep, and knitting the sts on the sole until 2″ short of desired foot length. End pattern repeat after row 2, 3, or 4.


Round 1: *K1, SSK, K to 3 sts before marker, K2tog, K1; repeat from *.
Round 2: K all sts.

Continue until 10 or 12 sts remain, rearrange so the top-of-foot sts are on one needle, and bottom-of-foot sts are on another. Cut the yarn, leaving a long enough tail to graft the sts together, and weave in all ends.

*This makes quite a wedge-like toe, which was what hubby wanted. I prefer the rounder German-style with fewer decrease rounds at the beginning, and more towards the end of the toe.

Harris tweed Sock

Striped socks were knitted and photographed by Barbara Fishwick. Thank you.

Copyright © Ali Green March 2007
Available from: https://putasockinit.wordpress.com/
Permission is given to freely share this pattern in unmodified form, provided no profits are made from its distribution.

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