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Posted by Ali G on Saturday, 14 April, 2007

Contadine commented:

How on earth does one purl 13 stitches together at the same time? I can’t even imagine it.

I wondered the same thing myself!

Whilst not a total disaster, my first attempt was, er… interesting! 😳 The needles are jolly slippery, and I was having a bit of trouble keeping everything under control. At the very start of the row I lost a few stitches off the needle, and was distraught to the point where I was ready to rip the whole thing out. Two things gave me pause: my hubby, who is my voice of reason, and the thought of having to cast on all those stitches again! So I sat down and fiddled about with trying to recreate the yarn-overs from the previous row, and came up with something that I’m hoping has done the trick. I won’t be sure it’s worked out properly until I finish the row, and compare this corner with the one on the opposite side. (If anyone is aghast at my leaving the knitting mid-row, sue me!)

Then I hit upon the idea of using a DPN for the P13tog, and everything has gone swimmingly as a result. 🙂 The stitches don’t get a chance to slide all over the place with the bamboo being so much stickier.

Here’s what my P13tog looks like in progress:

P13tog in progress

And this is the end product:

P13tog completed

It’s starting to look like I’ve actually got something to show for all the time I’ve invested, which is nice.

Then again, if I haven’t managed to fix my mistake properly, and do have to pull it all out to start again, I’ll be getting so much more knitting-time out of it, won’t I? :mrgreen:


10 Responses to “P13tog”

  1. Sacha said

    Um, wow. That’s insane. It really looks nice thought after all is said and done.

  2. jacquie said

    It looks just like a seashell!

    As an alternative how would this work – slip the first 6 to be purled tog on the right hand needle, purl the next 1 (the middle one).
    *slip the now second stitch on the rhn over the first one (as you would for casting it off), slip the first stitch on the rhn onto the lhn and slip the second stitch on the lhn over the first one, slip the first stitch back onto the rhn and repeat from * until all 12 stitches to be decreased are gone.

    The shawl is looking really good already!

  3. scrunchyy said

    The end result is beautiful!! Congratulations on finding an easier way to Purl all 13 of the stitches together

  4. chrissy said

    I am very glad it was not just me who had problems with the purl 13, it took me several attempts, I now have about 30 rows down and only 190 left to go. I plan on taking it on holiday with me so I can make some real progress on it.

  5. Piglottie said

    I agree with Jacquie, it looks just like a seashell! Thanks for the info and pics. Had to laugh at your “If anyone is aghast at my leaving the knitting mid-row, sue me!” – love it. I shall not grumble now that I have to tink back a sock heel after watching your mammoth undertakings, every bit of which I am sure shall be worth it considering how stunning the shawl is looking already.

  6. Jennie said

    wow, the end result sure is pretty. great thinking! 🙂

  7. Molly said

    That’s a very pretty shawl 🙂 I’m not sure I’m ready for P13tog yet, though!

  8. Kai said

    That’s great! And I wanted to ask the same thing.. but didn’t have the courage!

    Glad you’ve shown us!

  9. contadine said

    Thanks for the answer! I still don’t think I could actually do it, but it makes for a very nice result!

  10. Livette said

    Nice blog!

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