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Seafoam Scarf Pattern

Posted by Ali G on Thursday, 11 January, 2007

Ragazza asked for the pattern for the Seafoam Scarf, so here it is.

This is where I found the original pattern. I modified it slightly for the scarf as follows:

I CO 30 stitches on 4.5 mm pins for a width of around 6.5″.

Rows 1 & 2: K
Row 3: K8, (YO, K1, YO twice, K1, YO three times, K1, YO twice, K1, YO, K6) twice, K2
Row 4: K the stitches, dropping the YOs
Rows 5 & 6: K
Row 7: K3, (YO, K1, YO twice, K1, YO three times, K1, YO twice, K1, YO, K6) three times, ending last repetition with K3 instead of K6
Row 8: Repeat row 4

Repeat rows 1-8 until desired length is achieved, ending with a row 6.

ETA: Full pattern can be found here.

I’ve done little but shift snow over the past couple of days. I didn’t get any good pictures following the blizzard, so I’m cheating with one from last year. 🙂

I’ve also cast on and ripped out new socks 3 times! I was going for a chevron-type pattern in that lovely Opal yarn below, but none of the attempts looked quite right somehow. Back to the drawing board….


2 Responses to “Seafoam Scarf Pattern”

  1. Ragazza said

    OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you!!! Oh and please do stay warm and dry!!!

  2. Ragazza said

    By the way, I definetely like your version of the pattern better. 😉

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